Service Ip Service Title Service platform
  • Providing specialized consulting services for productivity improvement.
  • Providing in-country productivity training services for all productivity beneficiaries.
  • Providing training, consulting and research services of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO)
  • Training and empowerment of productivity consultants
  • Providing statistics and information of productivity indicators (Macro, sectors, industries, public sector, regional and micro)
  • Providing guidelines for measuring and analyzing productivity
  • Holding productivity promotional events
  • Recognize, introduce and appreciate the best practices in the field of productivity improvement
  • Identify and share knowledge in the field of productivity
  • Providing a national productivity network development plan
  • Producing specialized and promotional content about productivity
  • Codification of laws and regulations drafts in the field of national productivity
  • Collaborating in codifying and approving productivity enhancement sectoral programs
  • Review and approve the productivity improvement programs of executive organs of the country
  • Evaluation of productivity indicators of executive organs of the country
  • Codifying the dedicated productivity indicators for executive organs of the country
  • Providing analytical reports of productivity evaluation of executive organs of the country
  • Certification of productivity consultants
  • Providing Certification to the validity of the National Productivity Award
  • Awarding the National Productivity emblem
  • Certification of productivity practitioners