The long step of the People-Oriented Government to promote productivity
Thursday 26 May 2022

 The long step of the People-Oriented Government to promote productivity

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the most Merciful

The 13th Government's proceeding towards reform of the subsidy system is a major economic operation to improve productivity and a sign of courage and prudence in implementing basic and structural reforms.

 There is no doubt that the correct implementation of this policy and proceeding will be an important step toward the progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Effective reform implementation of the country subsidy system requires to a smart and people-oriented regulatory system. Outlining the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of this national plan for the society and people and encouraging elites to participate in this national movement is one of the most important examples of advocacy efforts in the current period. Furthermore, the use of smart tools and evidence-based decision-making completes the successful implementation of this foundational measure as the second complementary wing.

NPO of I.R. Iran is an intelligent and popular productivity regulator in the country aiming the development of the Iranian national productivity movements in the year of "production, knowledge-based and job creation", has put basic programs and measures on the agenda. These programs organized in the National Productivity Network in three fields including (1) developing the flow of productive innovation, (2) improving the productivity regulatory system, and (3) developing the role of people and society, elite, the private and cooperative sectors.

Connecting to the payroll systems, promoting and appointing the managers, and allocating budgets to productivity performance are among the most important operations of NPO of I.R. Iran this year. Undoubtedly, these measures require the role of the people and the demand of the elites. Transparency, aggregation of information, and the introduction of opportunities for people, society and elite participation are the most critical tools for developing public participation in the national productivity movement and hence the National Productivity Organization has begun the first step of this continuous movement through establishing the "Iranian Productivity Mirror System" called SABA. It is hoped that with the grace of God and the participation of the people of the society, the year 1401 (2022) will be the beginning of a national movement to enhance productivity and advance the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mir Saman  Pishvaee (PhD)

Associate Professor  (Iran University of Science and Technology)

NPO of I.R. Iran Hea d and 

APO Director for I.R. Iran

  • The long step of the People-Oriented Government to promote productivity
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