Monday 07 January 2019

 A Training Webinar on the Principles and Fundamentals of Foresight held

The 10th Training Webinar of NIPO titled "Principles and Fundamentals of Foresight" was held in the NIPO's Conference Hall on Monday, 10th December 2018, from 9 to 12 am.
The training topics of this webinar included General Items, History, Aims and Foresight Necessities, the characteristics of a Futurologist, topics within Foresight, Foresight Methodologies Introduction, Compilation and determination of phases in a Foresight Plan implementation and utilizing Foresight Plans in Productivity programs and models. 
Behzad Mahmoudi, a permanent member in Iran's Future Association and the secretary of the Productivity Committee of Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was the professor of this course.


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